Paola González M.

Paola González M.
Paola González Contemporary Fine Artist

jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2009

Review From Art Curator Giancarlo Von Nacher

About Paola González Artwork

Review from Art Curator Giancarlo Von Nacher

Paola Gonzalez Muñoz is a young painter who began her artistic journey at a very early age.

When working her way up in the artwork her first paintings were classified as figurative art, in the practice she developed her painting skills up to the point where she has mastered the abstract form of art.

This abstract form of art which is classified under the many different varieties of informal art is dependant to the inspiration under which the artist is driven to at the moment of such creation.

We could say that Paola’s technique when creating a masterpiece can be compared to that of Pollock’s “dell’ action painting” style, though her approach is very different due to certain changes during the evolving phases she has gone through during her artistic career. Furthermore, Paola’s paintings are more consistent to the art of the XXI century: to Pollock it was more important the randomness and the violent gesture in his paintings, and the ad-libbing in the process of his creations.

Once Pollock was finished with a masterpiece, according to him, such masterpiece will no longer have any significance or aesthetic value to him. This contradicts Paola’s convictions in all means, as to her the aesthetic value of a masterpiece is one of the most important factors, not to mention the previous planning when creating such artwork.

However, Pollock’s painting style is only one among the many varieties Paola carries out during her creations. Her radical variations in the process of creating an artwork do not follow any pattern in any way making these varieties never-ending: expressing themselves from the great “petreas” mountains, to compositions that capture certain naturalistic elements, to other aspects that even seem to be a thorough investigation of the microcosm, and some others to wide and spacious surfaces of a velvetish appearance. These particularly radical variations between an artwork from another, to a series from another, make her inexhaustible imagination and creativity unique.

Paola’s method when creating an artwork using oil and acrylic paint consists of splashing and dripping such substances with the aid of spatulas and brushes of her choice.

She is a typical western painter who strives to avoid the “horror vacui” from her creations, where as to the eastern painters they do on their compositions.
Maintaining the basis of the general abstract painting, Paola accentuates the “resonance” value of each color spot in every area of her composition, stressing out the force and importance of such art piece in the traditional value of every color within the combination of all shades and colors and the game these colors play as a whole combined together in harmony.

The effect of shades, tones, and other multiple chromatic combinations are clearly accentuated in most of Paola’s paintings, leaving the spectator fascinated by such delicate encounter and astonishing beauty.

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