Paola González M.

Paola González M.
Paola González Contemporary Fine Artist

domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Being Happy in a Tough World

Just finished my artwork for the exhibition "Urban Screen"

Title: "Being Happy in a tough World"
Size: 100 cm X 150 cm Framed
Technique: Acrilic, Mixed Media with Gold and Silver Leaf

"Live Life to the fullest, we were born to be happy, learning to be happy in this tough world, its a challenge for us to conquer, being happy its not as hard for us to feel or gain... just think of the unconditional love of those people around us gave us, isn´t that love we feel worth everything? it is worth the smiles on our faces everyday as we live, no matter how tough life can be...
Real Happiness it is about how we feel about ourselves in our hearts"

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