Paola González M.

Paola González M.
Paola González Contemporary Fine Artist

domingo, 13 de junio de 2010

Positive Thinking

I´ve reads books and articles about the Power of Positive Thinking...

How did I discover it?

It all started when I was going thought a difficult time in my life, that my beautiful Mom (who is the best mother in the world, always there for us, teaching us, helping us and loving us with all her heart) ... she always told me that no matter the situation, no matter what was going on around me, that I must learn how to think positive about myself and about my "world" that I could really change what I was living, with a clear mind you always can make the best decisions, and that takes time to learn (tell me about it!)... and so I did.. slowly all the negative situations, all the negative people that were around me at that time, finally were gone... Now I only choose to have positive friends, positive people around me, because I know how a negative person can affect my life and contaminate all the things I´ve been working for...

Im telling you this because, thanks to this teachings and experiences, with so much patinece and persistence or practice, all that you wish in your life sooner or later comes true, maybe not in the exact way you were thinking but they will come to you.

Remember that nothing it´s impossible in this life

A book I recomend: "The Monk who sold his Ferrari"

Beautiful book a must in your library...

3 comentarios:

  1. I really liked this piece of art :) And yes, positive thinking really DOES help.

  2. It is so beautiful! How you connect feelings and subjects of live and symbolism. congratulations!